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10 Best Reactions to Chris Lane’s Laugh Attack at CMTcody.com

That moment you can’t stop laughing and when you’ve almost regained your composure, an explosion of giggles takes over yet again.

Chris Young had that moment during Cody’s exclusive Ask Anything video chat after “Gina from Charlottesville” asked him a question.

Chris sent a clip of the laughing fit into the viral stratosphere, and fans from around the globe, including some famous ones, responded.

See the best ones below.

bbellbeastfitness: “Must’ve been thinking about nelly 😂”

audreyspellhill: Daaaaaaang Gina”

nyygirl23: So much for being in a not-so-great mood @iamchrislane 😂 Your laugh is contagious. Thank you for that 😂👍”

ginamitch: I’ve never loved my name more than I do right now

selinawanders: I don’t know who has a better laugh. @iamchrislane or chewbacca mom

jessiejamesdecker: What’s acid like?

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