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Chris Lane Brings Versatility to Headlining Nashville Show

Chris Lane’s headlining show at Topgolf in Nashville was a noteworthy example of the diversity modern country artists bring to live shows. Newcomers expecting to see a typical country show were treated to something far more dynamic, as Lane delivered a fiery set filled with wide ranging covers, his personal favorite songs and fan favorites from his own catalogue that invited the crowd to sing along to every word.

Though Lane broke onto the country scene by capturing fans’ attention with his No. 1 hit “Fix” and Top 10 single “For Her,” he’s still working his way to becoming a steadfast mainstream artist. And based on the sold out crowd he entertained at his first headlining show in Nashville, he’s steadily making his way up that mainstream ladder. With sweet ballads like “For Her’ and “All About You” appearing in the same set as a powerhouse number like “Don’t Stop Believin’”and Usher’s “DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” Lane proves he has the capacity to seamlessly transition from one genre to another, enticing the audience to come along with him down these bold paths.

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