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Chris Lane fixes his sights on country music success ⭐️

Chris Lane has grown a lot in the past few years of his expanding career. He’s gone from a humble singer to a gold-certified star performing in front of thousands of people, making him one of country music’s most promising up and comers.

His debut single, “Fix,” not only took over country radio after its release in 2015, but also gave the singer his first No. 1 hit and gold certification. “It’s crazy to me,” Lane says about the achievement. “When I first recorded that song, I kind of felt like it was a special song. It stood out to me.” But fans’ reaction to the song is what makes it truly unique. “To see people showing up to the shows every night and singing to the top of their lungs; I’ve never had that before, so it was very exciting when that started happening,” the young singer says humbly.

The follow up single, “For Her,” is bound to be another success. The video in and of itself is a gem, as it features a real life marriage proposal for a young couple, Brandon and Connie. “It was great,” he says about what it was like to be a part of such a special experience.

Lane’s No. 1 hit “Fix” and current single “For Her” are featured on his second studio album, “Girl Problems.” PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIS LANE

“She [Connie] certainly had no idea what was going on.” Lane reveals that Connie was under the impression she was going to just be hanging out on the set of a music video for the day. The looks of shock and overwhelming joy are genuine as Brandon gets down on one knee. “Thank the Lord she said ‘yeah,’ Lane says with a laugh, adding that he just received he an invitation to the couple’s wedding.

Even before he had a No. 1 hit, Lane was touring with the likes of Florida Georgia Line, Lee Brice, Rascall Flatts and many other of country’ top acts. He recently hit the road with close friend Dustin Lynch on his Hell of a Night Tour, a particularly monumental one for Lane, as he credits Lynch for giving him the opportunity to showcase his new hit.

“I’m thankful that he gave me that chance to get in front of a good room every night and I credit that to helping that song [“Fix”] kind of get started because that was the first [time] people were actually hearing that song,” the country singer says.

Watching these acts side stage every night, Lane says he learned a lot about how to grow as a performer. “I learned that giving energy, people feed off of that, so that the more you give the more people give back,” Lane admits. “That helped me early on for sure.”

Lane’s gearing up to hit the road again with FGL in 2017, two of his other good friends who he says were a strong support system early in his career. “[I’m] very thankful for those guys because they kind of took me under their wing and showed me the ropes and gave me some of my first opportunities in this town,” Lane says of the superstar duo. “I owe a lot to them.”

Like Lynch and Rascal Flatts, the “Fix” singer has also gained performance knowledge from his good buddies. “You watch other people and kind of see what they do and learn from that and then use it in your own way,” Lane reveals. “And what better guys to learn from – they’re about as high energy as possible.”

Lane will appear on an episode of “The Bachelor” in 2017. He is a self-professed fan of the show. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIS LANE

Touring with some of the biggest names in country isn’t the only thing Lane will accomplish in 2017. He’s also making an appearance on the new season of “The Bachelor,” one of his favorite shows, singing his current single.

As for other country stars he hopes to work with one day, Lane cites superstars like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney as dream collaborations and hopes to emulate their highly successful careers. He’s also open to joining forces with pop star Selena Gomez, a self-dubbed fan of the singer’s No. 1 hit, who has since become a friend since proclaiming her love for the song in a 2016 radio interview.

But his current success is certainly paving the way for an equally bright future. “I can’t believe I get to say now that I have a No. 1 song that went gold. I just never imagined that anything like that would ever happen to me,” he admits. “So I’m very grateful and thankful that people took to that song and I’m hoping that they’ll do the same thing for ‘For Her.’”

We have no doubt they will.

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