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Nashville country stars share how they stay fit


Chris Lane (“Fix,” “For Her”): “I’m on stage in front of a lot of people every night. I feel like it’s just what I’m supposed to do, I’m supposed to be in shape. I don’t want them to be like, ‘Wow, this guy has been given a great opportunity and he’s not as nearly as in shape as he should be.

“When I was out on the road with Florida Georgia Line at the end of the year, I would work with their trainer every day and that helped me out a lot. It’s always good to have someone who can push you. If I’m by myself, I’ll try and find a gym and stick with similar routines that he showed me, which is more CrossFit than anything. The eating aspect is a lot of it. I have a couple of days a week that I’ll do a cheat meal. I’ll try and stick with as healthy options as possible and stay away from as much bread as possible.”


Full article: http://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2017/01/13/dierks-bentley-reba-mcentire-nashville-country-stars-share-how-they-stay-fit/96537304/